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What is electrolysis:

Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that is permanent. It originated in the 1870’s and today there are three main modalities being practiced: multi-probe electrolysis, thermolysis and blend. All are safe and effective methods of permanent hair removal. At Klumj Electrolysis Sydney we practice multi-probe galvanic electrolysis because it is considered the most effective of the three modes.

How much will it cost:

Initial consultation is free and without obligation. Due to the different needs of each individual a plan will be discussed with clients upon consultation.

As a guide, our charges for single epilator treatments are:

30 mins: $100

45 mins: $130

60 mins: $150

Klumj supports payments by eftpos and cash.

Different hair growth phases and treatment times:

There are three key stages of hair growth:

The three stages are depicted in the schematic below.  It is important to note that different body parts have differing rates of hairs in the three stages of growth. Also, only hairs in the Anagen phase are able to be treated successfully.  This is why in most cases it takes longer to treat arms, for example, than parts of the face.

Electrolysis types:

Three methods of electrolysis are currently practised today. These are namely multi-probe electrolysis, thermolysis and blend.  There are key differences between the three modes but all are considered permanent methods of hair removal by the US FDA.

Multi-probe electrolysis – individual hair follicles are treated with a minute current which in turn reacts with moisture in the hair follicle to form a sodium hydroxide solution called lye.  The small amount of lye produced over several minutes is enough to destroy the hair follicle and surrounding stem cells, which inhibits the follicles ability to regenerate.  Up to 32 probes can be utilised in one treatment for efficiency and economy of service.  Klumj Electrolysis Sydney only practises multi-probe galvanic electrolysis.

Thermolysis – a method of hair removal where the inserted probe is heated in order to destroy the follicle and cauterise the surrounding tissue.  Although thermolysis is often advertised and represented as electrolysis, it is not an actual electrolysis process.

Blend – utilises features of both electrolysis and thermolysis with the theory being that the heat from thermolysis will increase the efficacy of the lye produced from electrolysis.

Does it hurt:

This will depend largely on the individual and also on which body part electrolysis is being practiced. We use several techniques to reduce pain and on very sensitive areas, such as the upper lip, a topical anaesthetic may be applied by the client prior to treatment.

Is it safe:

Yes.  Multi-probe electrolysis has been practised safely for decades.  As a minimum standard and to ensure quality of service Klumj adheres to all relevant skin penetration laws and guidelines. New sterile needles are used for each client and then disposed of immediately after use. Autoclave sterilization is used for any non-disposable items prior to treatment.

Who can be treated:

In short, anybody can be treated within reason. Limitations may be considered depending on age and other conditions such as pregnancy.  At Klumj Electrolysis we are happy help anybody deal with unwanted hair and we are a transgender friendly service provider.

Which areas can be treated:

All areas of the body can be treated in addition to all hair types.  Our most popular treatments probably involve facial hair for women and torso hair for men.  Other body parts are popular depending on such variables as the season.

Is it suitable for PCOS symptoms:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) symptoms, such as male pattern hair growth, can be treated successfully with electrolysis.  PCOS and the excessive production of androgens can cause vellus hair to convert to terminal hair, resulting in the growth of long and thick hair.  This can be unsightly and  even embarrassing for anybody affected but the symptoms can be treated.  Klumj Electrolysis specialises in helping clients who may be experiencing PCOS induced hair growth.

Can Hirsutism and Virilism symptoms be treated:

Like PCOS, Hirsutism and Virilism may cause vellus hairs to convert to excess amounts of terminal hair.  This can be caused by several factors such as excess androgen production in addition to hair follicles becoming more sensitive to androgens, causing them to grow longer and thicker.  There are many causes of Hirsutism and Virilism in women and we can help you deal with the symptoms of excessive hair growth quickly and discretely.

Is it different to laser and IPL:

Electrolysis is different to laser and IPL treatments in several ways.  Electrolysis targets each individual hair with a minute amount of current to destroy the hair follicle. Laser and IPL produce different light sources that are absorbed by the hair follicle which in turn heats and damages the follicle.  Both laser and IPL can be effective methods of hair reduction but are best suited to people with dark hair and pale skin.  For patients who have darker skin or lighter hair they are considered much less effective and side effects can include burning and increased hair growth.

This is not the case for electrolysis, which can treat all hair types on all types of skin.  Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal available today.



Common after-treatment effects can include slight swelling, pin-prick scabbing, itching and redness. These are all temporary and will usually disappear within 1-3 weeks.

To minimize reactions post-treatment it is advised:

Where can I find further information:

The following sites are useful resources for information on electrolysis and permanent hair removal: